Comet C/2017 T2 Flyby with Cigar& Bode's galaxies

Asteroid 1998 Or2 time lapse | 27.4.2020

Venus - Pleiades Conjunction 2020 | Prabhu Astrophotography

Night Sky Time lapse Fast Version - 2019 in 4K

Night Sky Time lapse - 2019 in 4K | Prabhu Astrophotography

International Space Station Transit in front of the SUN

International Space Station

Annular Solar Eclipse 2019 | Prabhu Astrophotography | UAE

Annular Solar Eclipse 2019 with UAE Astronomy Group and many other Astrophotography enthusiasts and professionals. Captured from Asab, Abudhabi which is right in the middle of the Annularity path. Equipment: Celestron 100mm f/6.6 Achromatic refractor with Canon 700D. Esprit 80mm APO with Canon 6D, TS 60mm guidescope with ZWO290MC, PST Cornado for visual, Oberwerk Binocular for visual, polymer sheets and mylar filters. Music by Really Slow Motion Composer: Cesc Vila Track: Legendary Album: Sigma 

Geminids Meteor Shower video - 2019

Despite the gibbous moon and cloudy sky, I was able to witness and capture some meteors yesterday during the peak of geminids shower.
I tried to capture photos of the meteors but the glow from gibbous moon and cloudy sky obscured most of the meteors in long exposures, however with the ZWO290MC and all-sky lens I captured videos at 3fps for 4 hours, this video is a timelapse of the meteor shower. I've slowed down the frames of meteors for better visibility. 

Mercury Transit - 2019

 Equipment Used: AZ EQ6 GT x 2, Esprit 80mm APO, 6" SCT, Canon 6D, Canon 700D, ZWO290MC Music Credits: Really Slow Motion - Sunrise (Instrumental - Epic Beautiful Emotional Music) 

Mercury Transit - 2019 Full disc Time lapse

Partial Lunar Eclipse July 2019 in 5K

Sunset Timelapse in HD

Compilation of all my photographs & videos captured in 2018

Milkyway Timelapse from Mleiha, UAE in 5K

Night sky from my home

Winter sky of Mleiha, UAE

ISS Transit with the Partially Eclipsed Moon.

Slowed down the speed to see the ISS.

Location: Remote village in Andhrapradhesh, India

Date: August 7th, 2017

Equipment: 16" Dob with Mobile

Observation with 16" Dobsonian Telescope

Extreme close up of Moon in HD